If you want to learn about business, reading books are essential. The books not only provide various theories and strategies about business but give case studies and lessons from the real world too. Here are some books we recommend you to read.

Shoe Dog

By – Phil Knight

This book is written by the owner of Nike. In this book, he tells how he built Nike and how it became one of the top brands in the world. You will get lots of practical guide about business from this book.

Business Adventures

By – John Brooks

In this book, you will read about the ups and downs of big companies and how they dealt with the situation. Ford Motor Company had a disaster, Xerox quickly rose to fame, General Electric had scandal and lots more. You will read about these in this book and learn from their mistakes or success stories. Bill Gates calls it the best book on business.

The Intelligent Investor

By – Benjamin Graham

The author is a renowned investment advisor. He believes in value investing. This protects the investors from major mistakes. You will learn long-term investment strategies from this book. According to Warren Buffett, it is the best book on investing.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

By – Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie has helped lots of people to be successful in business and improve their personal lives. This book will teach you how to influence other people, which is necessary for business. You will also learn how to win friends.

These books will teach you about business. You will learn from successful people in this field. So, you should read these books to gain more knowledge about business.